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Keep Calm

Posted on May 10 2020


Valued Client,

I wanted to send a quick note to anyone that I may have offended by my Keep Calm Campaign.  I had intended it as a satire and way to laugh in the face of uncertainty.   I added some political commentary that would have been better to have sidelined for the betterment of our collective health. While it was a fun sketch I had not intended to trivialize the growing impact of this now Pandemic by publishing it. 

The Job of By Robert James is to make dam great clothes and tell the story of how they are made and why it important to make clothes here in the Garment Center. SOMETIMES I lose my way and I apologize for using poor judgment.

 Stay Safe,

Robert James

I have never received so many opens or responses to an email I have sent in the history of all the campaigns I have ever sent and I have never received so many responses.   Here are a few of those responses. 


>>>>>> For what it’s worth, I, for one, didn’t take it that way. Probably wise to have sent out the email though, because I can certainly see how some probably took it.

My wife and I were going to come to NYC in April, which I alluded to in a prior email, but since “discretion is the better part of valor” as you say, we are being cautious and not coming.

>>>>>> Hang in there, Robert. Everyone makes a mistake now and then. Keep on doing what you’re doing and stay safe.

>>>>>> Don’t sweat it…I loved it.

Brits love shit like that.  Now we can’t travel what are your shipping deals to UK?

>>>>>> Such overly correct bs. I’m sorry you got shit for that. Keep calm and keep making funny t-shirts. ;)

>>>>>> 🤣 I thought it was hilarious!

Such hysteria is driving me bonkers, 
so good on you for trying to lighten up
the situation.😜


>>>>>> Bro, it was funny. Sorry, you got heat for some gallows humor. 

>>>>>> sorry u were made to feel the need to apologize  

>>>>>> Nice apology. I liked the levity of the situation. Think we need more even though many of us are concerned. 

>>>>>> The humor felt inclusive and warm to me
>>>>>> No apologies needed here. The situation is changing rapidly and daily.
Severity changes and everyone’s responses are changing likewise.
Reflects well on you and the company that you reached out though.
As a guy who lived in Greenpoint 11 years, I value what you are doing in Brooklyn and really like what you make.

That was a good sampling of so many responses.  Below is a quick response to these responses.  We are all in this together we will get through it and it is important to talk about it and be informed by our government in a thoughtful, transparent, and truthful manner with our pubic health as the number one concern. 


I wanted to let people know that my change in thinking was not a result of mass outcry, although I did get some push back.   I was my reaction to the changes in our lives and the loss of many service workes entertainers and working-class people have lost their livelihoods.  So many of you the lovers and creators of craft are my customers.  I also felt like my personal feelings while valid should not overshadow what we have to do to keep the lights on TO SELL GREAT SHIRTS so we can keep our lights and the lights or the factory on. 

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